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Lost key replacement for your vehicle

It is very unfortunate to lost the only key or key fob for your only vehicle and you find out your self stranded on the street not knowing what to do. No one is planning to lost the key for their car and this might be very stressful situation. No body is trained to deal with situation like that in normal day live and many people are panicking. It is not the end of the world but it might be little complicated moment specially if you drive car that has a difficult key to originate.

Do not worry Bull Star Locksmith is here to help and we can make key for almost every car.

Every car is different and not that easy to originate new key when all keys are lost. Nowadays every car key has to be programmed to the immobilizer system so the ECU will allow the car to start and work properly. Every good automotive locksmith should be educated and skilled to provide such a service for their customer. Technologies are changing every day and the professionals have to keep up with every new addition in the trade.

Bull Star Locksmith is very skilled locksmith working with high tech equipment for domestic and import vehicles for car keys

What do to if you can not find your car key fob no matter if it is lost or stollen or somehow broken and does not work anymore. First thing to do is calm down and call Bull Star Locksmith in Austin Texas. Provide us the year, make and model of your vehicle and if your key is lost or broken. After we have all this information then we can explain what options we can offer to help you get your car back on the road. Most of the times we can arrive at your location and provide the locksmith service at same day. Some cars are easier straight forward to work on but some cars require very high skills, special equipment and takes much longer time to complete the lost key replacement locksmith service. Some cars require removing lock cylinders, door locks, computer modules, ignition switches and more.

Cutting key blade for your vehicle

It is very helpful and ideal when all the lock cylinders on the car are original from the factory and match, that will helps us when we have to originate the new car key. We use variety of tools to fins out the key cuts so we can cut the car key that fits your vehicle. Every vehicle key is unique and we have to be very precision when cutting the keys because otherwise it will not work on the car.

Program key fob and smart key for newer car models

Some cars are very special when it comes to programming lost key fob or smart key. Most of the times we talking about European vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and more. Key programming for special luxury cars requires EEPROM procedures which means that we have to open up computer modules and read information from computer chips or solder wires to circuit boards to get the needed information to prepare the key chip to be able to be programmed to the car computer.

After all just relax and call us for your car key replacement

512-822-8329 or visit our website

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Wow. Very helpful information


Lost my car key while out running errands and was in a panic. Thankfully, I found Locksmith Toronto company online and they were a lifesaver! Their technician arrived quickly, crafted a new key on the spot, and even provided helpful tips to avoid losing it again.


An auto locksmith is the best bet when it comes to replace the lock keys of the vehicle at cheap. A dealership can also provide such services but they charge far more than the locksmith do.

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