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Unlock Car Key or Replace your car key or Fob With

Getting locked out of your car can be a stressful and frustrating experience. That's why our car locksmith service is here to help. We specialize in unlocking cars, as well as providing car key making, lost key replacement, and remote key fob programming services. Don't let a lockout ruin your day – give us a call and we'll get you back in your car. Bull Star Locksmith is just a call away to fix your car key or keyless entry remote.

If you're in need of an emergency car locksmith service in Austin, Texas, Bull Star is here to help. Our experienced locksmiths specialize in car key services and provide a fast, dependable service that's available 24/7. Don't let a car lockout put a damper on your day - call us at 512-822-8329 and we'll have you back on the road in no time!

Lost car key, unfortunately very common situation. Car key replacement near me is what everyone looks for and that is where we come

For fast, reliable key replacement near me, there's no better choice than our team of experts. We specialize in car key replacement and programming, so you can rest assured that your replacement key will work perfectly with your vehicle. Don't get stuck without a key—call us today for professional, quick service. We specialize in European car key replacement programming like BMW key, Mercedes Key fob, Land Rover, Audi and more.

Locksmith near me in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, South Austin and many more. Same day car key and lockout service

Choose us for your Austin locksmith needs and experience fast and efficient service. We specialize in car key replacement and keyless entry fob installation, with same-day key service available for your convenience. If you've had a broken key, we can fix it on the spot so you can get back to your day in no time.

Car is the ultimate inspiration behind every journey, where the key stands as a medium to reach the set destination. Keys are the most important car accessories that enable you to hit the road. Can you imagine driving a car without a key or, worse of all, if it’s not in working condition? Automotive locksmith issues need a firm resolution, especially if you don’t want it to rain on your parade.


Bull Star Locksmith provides best-in-class vehicle locksmith service Austin, ranging from vehicle unlocking, lost key replacement, and keyless entry systems to smart key programming.

We guarantee you top-level service while keeping the best of your interests in mind. Below are some of the essential services we offer our esteemed customers:

Car Key Copy

Backing an extra car key in your pocket is a wise move to stay a step ahead in case of an emergency. If you have never thought about this idea, maybe now is the right time to rethink! Would you like to have a car copy as your go-to backup? Connect with a Car Locksmith in Austin for the best car key duplication service.


Car Lock Repair

Car locks can get awfully jammed or rely upon timely servicing. Whenever you need a locksmith to repair the car lock, consider opting for car locksmith services in Austin. We have acquired the much-needed technical know-how to get your equipment up and running.


Car Lockout Solutions

A lockout issue is the most frustrating thing you’ll come across. However, with an automotive locksmith ready to assist you, you’ll never have to suffer because we ensure you won’t stay stuck at any hour.

Our Round-the-Clock Automotive Services:

> Vehicle Unlocking

> Car Lock Repair

> Keyless Entry System

> Remote Head Key Cutting and Programming

> Broken Key Replacement

> Smart Key Programing

Step Up for The Most Happening Adventures With Auto Locksmith Service


1. 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our team of locksmith professionals is adept at handling various automotive locksmith problems. The staff is well-trained and ready to offer these services to you anytime. Therefore, whenever you need car locksmith services in Austin, count on us for professional and dedicated service.


2. 24/7 Locksmith Services

Our professionals extend 24/7 locksmith service at your disposal; therefore, you can count on us for professional services. By choosing our services, you can remain assured that we will rescue you anytime, anywhere. Therefore, get in touch with us, and you will get the best of what you have been looking for.


3. The Best Rates

We offer efficient Car Locksmith Services at the most competitive price. Additionally, we will never compromise quality or leave you unattended. Therefore, rest assured that we ensure high professionalism that stands the test of time.

4. Luxury vehicle key programming

Getting Key Fob for high end vehicle its not easy thing that any locksmith can do. We specialize in programming smart keys and computers for European cars. Some of the services we offer but not limited to are Programming BMW key fob, Programming Mercedes Key, Programming Land Rover key fob, Programming Volvo key fob, Programming VW keys. We can program ECU for BMW and ECU for Mercedes, we can program multiple computer modules for VW cars and many many more programming services for European cars.

Safeguard Your Vehicle; It’s the Key Investment You Own With BULL STAR LOCKSMITH

Protect your vehicle at every step with BULL STAR LOCKSMITH! Our professional mobile locksmith in North Austin never fail to bring 100% customer satisfaction so you gain the most out of your vehicle ownership.

We make car keys for almost every car you see on the road. Programming key fob and computer modules is part of the automotive locksmith service that we provide for our customers. 

  • Honda ignition fix and key programming 

  • Toyota ECU reflash, remote key programming and more

  • Lexus smart key and laser key cutting

  • Ford flip key cut and program including cutting emergency keys

  • Cadillac key cut and  key programming

  • Nissan keyless key fobs make and program Push to Star

  • Infiniti key cut and key programming including smart keys

  • Acura key cut and programming smart key fob

  • Dodge key cut and programming smart key fob

  • Jeep key replacement near me, cut ignition keys and programming smart key fob

  • Chevy key cut near me and programming smart key fobs

  • Suzuki key cut and programming smart key fob

  • Volkswagen key replacement near me, programming smart key fobs

  • BMW key cut and programming smart key fob replacement near me

  • Audi key cut and programming smart key fob

  • Land Rover key replacement near me and cut and programming smart key fobs

  • Volvo key insert key fob and smart key programming

  • Mercedes Benz ELV emulator programming, lost key fob replacement near me in Austin

  • Audi key programming near me, smart key fobs, ignition key cutting


   We are skilled and well trained automotive locksmith offering European and high end car key replacement and automotive module programming in Austin Texas, as well covering all American and Japanese car makes . For example, Porsche key programming in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville or no matter where you at we can come and make key fob on the spot. Maybe your Mercedes key doesn't work, no problem we will come and diagnose the issue and if needed will program Mercedes key fob for you. Don't be scared if something like this happens to your for example Land Rover key fob, sometimes they just quite working, just give us call and we will be on the way to help in no time.

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