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Difference between regular or electronic door lock.

Door locks have been around for hundreds of years, giving us piece of security for our homes or work buildings. This is the main and first thing one door has to has in order to be closed and locked properly. Having a door lock is still not guarantee that someone can't enter your property without your permission using a force to brake the door or the lock or window. There is this funny saying that "Locks are for honest people" meaning if someone dishonest person wants to brake in your home he will find a way. Definitely there are many ways to improve the security of you home or office and to reinforce the door and hardware in order to stop the bad people or at least to give them really hard time breaking in.

One of the many ways to give access to someone by hiding house keys in lockbox
Keys in lockbox

People choice for their home and office door locks

This is one of the most often question that customers asking us when we services their home door locks. They want to know the benefits of the different locks that we can install those days. When it comes to locks, people often wonder about the difference between electronic and regular locks. Electronic locks, such as keypad door locks and key fobs, provide the convenience of automatic locking and unlocking. Regular locks, on the other hand, rely on manual operation via turning a key or using a doorknob. Our locksmiths are equipped to install a variety of locks, including electronic deadbolts, regular door knobs and deadbolts, keyed locks, and keypad door locks to meet your needs. Choosing the right lock can be a big decision for your home or business security. At Bull Star Locksmith, we offer a range of lock options to accommodate any preference. For those seeking convenience, we recommend electronic locks, such as keypad door locks and key fobs. For a more traditional approach, we offer regular door knobs and deadbolts, keyed locks, and even keypad door locks for added security. Let us help you choose the best option for your security needs. Nowadays there are so many different options out there, of course the quality of the product is related to the price of the locks, so there is lock for every budget. Some electronic locks are very basic offering small amount of user codes but on the other hand some others have multiple features like Wi-Fi build in module allowing it to connect directly to your home internet router and you can easily control it from the other side of the works if you like. Changing codes, unlocking the door for someone or making schedule for when the lock to be open for you dog walker to come and pick up your pet, you can do so much with it.

High quality Keypad Deadbolt lock equipped with key bypass function for extra accessibility in case of internal electronic failure
Modern Electronic Keypad lock

Final thoughts about the difference in the electronic or regular lock

The regular locks are a lot cheaper and easier to be installed and maintained compared to the electronic locks. The simplicity of the standard regular lock often is the choice of some people but of course their choices are based on their needs. We at Bull Star Locksmith always explain the difference in the locks so our customers will understand exactly what will works best for them. In general the electronic locks are better and more convenient but they also have their cons. We see on the market that some electronic locks completely removed the manual way of opening it which means there is now a key hole for manual use of the lock, which in the other hand makes it little concerning because what if the lock battery dies or somehow there is internal electronic failure and you can't open the lock with your code, that is why we always inform the customers for such as situations so they don't need to call us for emergency lockout. We will always be there for them if they need us but we are trying to prevent moments like this. The difficult part will be that if there is no actual key hole means we don't have much choice to open the door but to destroy the expensive electronic lock so we can open the door.

For questions about what is the best door hardware for your office or home please give us a call at +1 512-822-8329 or simply visit our website at and chat with us.

Thank you for choosing and trusting local small businesses for your home and office security. We also offer automotive locksmith services so don't hesitate to ask us any questions you have for your car key or key fob.

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From a security standpoint, electronic door locks typically offer advanced encryption and authentication features, making them more resistant to tampering or lock picking compared to traditional locks. This enhanced security can provide homeowners with greater peace of mind knowing their property is well-protected. Always employ Locksmith Myrtle Beach experts for more details regarding security locks at a reliable cost.

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